Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sooooo Darn Cute and He Isn't Even A Card! ha ha ~ Happy Graduation, Jessie!

I had to go to Livermore today to borrow a stamp set from Cheryl for tomorrow's class. So, I visited my nieces and great-nephew. Isn't he cute as a button?!

How do they discover the remote at such a young age?

Those cute little toes!

Leah says Jacob is always hungry ~ kind of like my two teenage boys!

Jacob, you sure look mischievous! My niece Grace is in the background.

My great-nephew, Jacob, with my hat.

My nieces Jessie & Leah (Jacob's mom)

My niece Jessie just graduated from the University of Hawaii. Congrats! That's one graduation ceremony I should have attended! Oh well.


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