Wednesday, August 20, 2014

EPB Boxes and Bows Class

We used the envelope punch board (EPB) to create 4 types of boxes and a bow.  This was the first type of box we made.  I got this one as a gift from my upline, and she briefly told us how it was made.  I took mine apart to figure out how to make it, and to get the chocolate!

Box #1 with Bow Topper
Box #1 scored
Box #1 scored and inside "pleats"
Box #1 with Bow

I also found a website that shows how to make a larger box using a 12x12" sheet of dsp by Diane Dimich, although we didn't make this box in class.
Box #2
This "bag in a box" (5th photo down) was a door prize I received from my Vacaville Shooebox swap.  Here is a link from Sam Pootles showing a video on  the steps to make it.

Box #3 - Flower Box
Box #3 - Flower Box with the cs boxes out of the dsp "flowers"
This was another box I found thru demonstrator Ruth Norton.  It was created by Sam Pootles.  All of the boxes start with a 6x6" square of dsp.

EPB Bows
I found these cute bows thru Ruth Norton also.  I like the tutorial she found by Briana Thompson.  I also found another tutorial I like by Bona that shows how to make one piece bows.  We only made the bows above because you can get three out of a 6x6" square of dsp!

Happy Stamping!  Mary

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