Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tribute to Phillip

Here's a tribute to my younger brother, Phillip (in photo above), that my older brother Paul wrote. He posted it on his blog and I wanted to share it. I love my little brother and will miss him dearly. I know that he is better off with God and not fighting his painful disease anymore, but I will still miss him.

Phillip Menard May 28, 1966~September 4th, 2010

Peace little brother, nobody played the piano like you, you laughed and swam and never grew old, trapped by voices and all alone you were shelved in a home, we saw you fade the former self of you, joy kept, and now at peace in Jesus’ arms you rest. I will think of you often, of playing the Entertainer and Carry on My Wayward Son, with no sheet music did you comply, but fingers tuned to an extraordinary ear… I saw them fly! We camped and fished and laughed and ran and hid inside forts within our bunks, and now you dance in Our Father’s house, a game I’m sure of cat and mouse. I love you Phillip 66 the youngest son, when I think of you, all I think of is fun! And I will remember the years best we spent, at Yellow Jacket, at the granite rock catching lizards, fishing for bluegills, and doing laundry in the creek. When I go to the River and listen to it’s pattern I will listen for you, just waiting to hear you speak!

With heart ache, My little brother passed away today ~ PM

Added side Note: Phillip suffered from schizophrenia, a mental illness. Please click on the link on my right side bar to learn how you can change the stigma of mental illness, even if it is only your own view.

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