Friday, December 4, 2009

Chris' Birthday Party Favors

These were really simple party favors I made for Chris's birthday party Fri. They held a folded up "Fun Dip". Even though he's now 13 years old, I wanted to make them cute. I told him, "You know I have to wrap them up some how!" When they were done, he didn't mind. It's a simple treat holder. First wheel desired image over an 8-1/2 x 11" piece of cardstock (this will make two). Score it at 5" on the undecorated side, flip it over and score it at 1", 4", 6" on the decorated side. Cut in half vertically (4-1/4 x 11"). Fold on the score lines. It makes a little "w" at the bottom (see side view). Add a focal image, some ribbon, insert candy and seal flap with a little snail. You can also add things (like hot cocoa mix) in a cello bag and put that in the treat holder. It's very versatile. Enjoy! The whoopie cushion was the prize for the person with the worst score; it was a bowling party.
Happy Stamping! Mary

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