Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phase II ~ Master Bath Gutted

Well, the first time they were installing the granite, it snapped in two! The second time, things went smoothly. Here's a photo of it, with some things not in place yet because the wood floors still had to be layed. Things are progressing with hidden little "hiccups" every step of the way. Budget? What's that? The wood floors were installed and look beautiful. They have finished putting crown molding up in the den and painting it. The wood floors in there were refinished. Dave just needs to put the curtains back up and hang pictures. One room is almost complete Wohoo! They tiled the kids' bath and the hall bath. Today they finished installing crown molding in the hall and kids' rooms. They will finish patching and mudding and then paint - Wohoo again! They have gutted our bathroom as shown above. Under the subfloor was black tile! I can't wait for this whole project to be done. Dave and I aren't patient and are learning quickly what a pain house renovations are. I keep my eye on the end result and know it will all be worth it!

Maybe tomorrow I'll find some time to stamp! Mary

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